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Does a Slot 1 PIII Coppermine 1GHz CPU exist? | AnandTech ... PENTIUM® III 1Ghz SLOT 1, SECC2, 256K Cache, 100Mhz FSB, Coppermine - RETAIL BOX Price for PHONE ORDER MUST MENTION PRICE WATCH - INCLUDES - 3 YEARS WARRANTY $ 313 V Diamond Member Socket 370 - Wikipedia Socket 370 (also known as the PGA370 socket) is a CPU socket first used by Intel for Pentium III and Celeron processors to first complement and later replace the older Slot 1 CPU interface on personal computers.The "370" refers to the number of pin holes in the socket for CPU pins. Does a Slot 1 PIII Coppermine 1GHz CPU exist? | AnandTech ...

The mobile microprocessors had lower core voltage and power consumption than Mobile Pentium III CPUs based on Coppermine core.

The Pentium III was the first x86 CPU to include a unique, retrievable, identification number, called PSN (Processor Serial Number). A Pentium III's PSN can be read by software through the CPUID instruction if this feature has not been disabled through the BIOS. Intel Pentium III (Coppermine) microprocessor family Not all Pentium III processors were manufactured in the new package. To support large installed base of Slot 1 motherboards Intel continued to release Coppermine Pentium III processors in Slot 1 package. These processors had the same performance and other characteristics as socket 370 processors. List of Intel Pentium III microprocessors - Wikipedia Unlike the Celeron Coppermine variant with the same size L2 cache, but reduced 4-way L2 cache associativity, Xbox's Coppermine core kept all of its 8-way L2 cache associativity from the Pentium III. This means that the Xbox CPU's L2 cache is more efficient than Celeron's.

Pictured: Pentium III Coppermine as a Slot-1 version (Pentium III E or EB), front and back side. It wasn't until the next generation, called Coppermine, that the L2 cache would be re-integrated ...

Intel Pentium III 733MHz Slot 1 SL3XN 133Mhz Coppermine CPU Processor W/ Heatsink. ... Intel Pentium III 733MHz Slot1 SL3XN 133Mhz Coppermine CPU Processor W ... 奔騰III - 维基百科,自由的百科全书

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Pentium II Pentium III Pentium 4 (423/478) The third revision, Tualatin (80530), was a trial for Intel's new 0.13 µm process.Tualatin-based Pentium IIIs were released during 2001 until early 2002 at speeds of 1.0, 1.13, 1.2, 1.26, 1.33 and 1.4 GHz.Tualatin performed quite well, especially in variations which had 512 KB L2 cache (called the Pentium III-S).

Slot 1 - Wikipedia The exception is later Slot 1 CPUs with the Coppermine core which have the L2-Cache embedded into the die. In the beginning of 2000, while the Pentium-III-CPUs with FC-PGA-housing appeared, Slot 1 was slowly succeeded by Socket 370, after Intel had already offered Socket 370 and Slot 1 at the same time since the beginning of 1999. Socket 370 ... Intel Pentium III 500 - 80526PY500256 - CPU World Here are some examples of searches: 500E, 80526PY500256, Intel Pentium III 500MHz, Coppermine Slot 1, P6 1 core 1 thread, 0.18 micron 0.25 MB noGPU Intel Pentium III - HARDWARECOP - CPU MUSEUM

Slot 1: 80526PZ933256 Pentium III 1000: ... The Tualatin-class Pentium IIIs did not include the controversial Processor Serial Number feature that was present in the earlier Pentium IIIs; ... Unlike the Celeron Coppermine variant with the same size L2 cache, but reduced 4-way L2 cache associativity, Xbox's Coppermine core kept all of its 8-way ... Final Words - Intel Pentium III E "Coppermine" (Slot-1) Intel Pentium III E "Coppermine" (Slot-1) ... neither is the Pentium III E. Overall, the Athlon is still the faster chip on a clock for clock basis. ... your best bet is to pick up a BIOS upgrade ... Socket 8 / Slot 1 / Socket 370 Motherboards - Vogons Wiki The fastest CPU's that will work are the Pentium II 333MHz (or a Pentium II 400MHz downclocked to 366MHz), the Slot 1 Celeron 433MHz (though faster Celerons can be installed with the use of a slotket) or a downclocked Pentium III with the Katmai core (which will be recognised as a Pentium II usually by the BIOS). Intel Pentium III E "Coppermine" (Slot-1) - AnandTech Intel Pentium III E "Coppermine" (Slot-1) by Anand Lal Shimpi on October 25, 1999 7:21 PM ... The Pentium Pro’s L2 cache ran at clock speed and often outperformed a higher clocked Pentium II 233 ...