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With this diffuser, Slotlight infinity reduces glare to UGR < 22. The brilliant luminaire is ideally suited for offices, schools and conference rooms.

Linear Slot Diffuser 5000 Series Advanced Air | AeroVentic The Advanced Air 5000 Series Diffuser Plenums are designed specifically to fit the Series 5000 'Ice Tong' Linear Slot Diffusers. Thermal Variable Volume Linear Diffuser (VLN4 & 5) | rickardair The Rickard Thermal Variable Volume Linear Ceiling Diffuser (VLN4/5) is the ideal solution to control a buildings internal perimeter zone. Linear Grille - Ventis S.a.r.l. Linear grille AC Ceiling, Air Outlets, Curtain Type damper, Linear Grille, Ceiling Diffuser, Laminar Square Swirl Ceiling Diffuser, Linear Ceiling Diffusers, Supply Slot Diffuser

Extruded alumninum construction; Three slot types: 50 (1/2" slot), 75 (3/4" slot), 10 (1" slot) One to eight slots wide for air volume of 10-350 cfm per foot

7.1 Supply Air Linear Slot Diffuser ASLD 3 7.2 Return Linear Slot Diffusers ARLD 4 7.3 • Slot Diffuser dimensions 5 7.3 • Possible air deliveries 5 7.4 Curved Supply Linear Slot Diffusers ASLD (C) 6 7.5 • Optional Mitered Corners 7 7.5 • Flange models 7 7.6 • Optional profiles 8 7.6 • Fixing details 8 Diffusers Table of Contents - trane.com Linear Slot Diffuser (LINR) Linear slot diffusers are most commonly used in VAV systems. SUPPLY AIR DIFFUSERS RETURN AIR DIFFUSER NEVER DO THIS!! (PERPENDICULAR AIR FLOWS) nominal airflow. If you start by using 100% of the nominal airflow, you will end up with high losses in performance, acoustical problems, and very little or no design ... ML-39 - Titus HVAC The Titus ML Modulinear diffuser is a high performance, high quality linear slot diffuser. The unique “ice tong” deflector blades allow both changes in air volume and direction from the face of the diffuser. This diffuser is also available in 1 through 8-slot configurations. WE SHAPE AIR - betag.com

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HVC | Type LSD | Linear Slot Diffusers Linear slot diffuser with end caps, RAL 9010 finish ... Linear slot diffusers combine these two important ... 3 Sizes Slot number Overall face (mm) Actual neck ... Diffusers Table of Contents - trane.com The features of the Linear Slot Diffuser are described by the product categories shown in bold. ... 3S1W 3-Slot, 1-Way 2S2W 2-Slot, 2-Way 4S2W 4-Slot, 2-Way KFD-KLD en NEW - koolair.com general dimensions see page 8. KFD linear slot diffusers 2 KFD-KLD Aluminium linear slot diffuser ... rate of 600 m3/h, we can select a 4 slot diffuser measuring 1000 ...

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Slot diffusers with 15 mm diffuser face (nominal width) and adjustable air control elements


Architectural Linear Diffuser, Aluminum, 3" Slot. FL-TZ. Architectural Slot Diffuser for TechZone Systems. FLEXABOOT. Plenum slot diffuser, 3/4" slot, fixed blade slot with down blow section. N-1-DR. Combination supply/return plenum slot diffuser, 3/4" slot, fixed blade slot with down blow section, 2" return slot ... Diffusers Table of Contents - trane.com Recommended Guidelines—Linear Slot Diffusers. Diffuser Placement – The maximum recommended distance between diffusers is three diffuser lengths. For example, if the diffuser length is 4 feet (1.219 m), the maximum separation distance would be 4 ft x 3 = 12ft (1.219 m x 3 = 3.658 m). E1 LINEAR SLOT DIFFUSERS - Krueger-HVAC This architectural supply linear slot diffuser features aluminum extrusions with 1 or 2 slots from 1” to 3” slot widths. Custom curving is available. 1900BOOT This supply linear slot diffuser features aluminum extrusions with 1 to 8 slots from 1/2” to 2” slot widths. Custom curving and additional slots … ML-39 - Titus HVAC

Deflectors & Air Pattern - betag.com 03 linear slot diffusers curved linear slot diffuser ordering key: r l d c r v 1.5m * 3slt (20) sld: supply linear diffuser (with air pattern deflectors